Romanian Professional VoiceOver


1CP means Creativity… Passion… Professionalism
All these brought by our voices, through sounds and effects!

We are a group of broadcast professionals who, for a couple of years now, worked with clients from all over the world as Romanian VoiceOver Talents.

What we do

For starters, we like to talk, and we like that a lot! Now seriously talking, we are the ones that get together with you, discuss what you want others to hear, we make a plan and then go in the studio to record. Of course, we’re talking about a private studio, well equipped and professionally sound proofed. Here we work with our friends from Rode, Neumann, M-audio just to name a few. Technical or not, they make our voices sound great when it comes to Adverts, Radio and TV imaging, Narrations, Documentaries, Presentations, On-Hold… you got it… VoiceOvers.

Why us?

Because we are Pros, we have a fast turnaround and our «talent» doesn’t stop us from listening carefully to your needs (you’ll see that when we finish the project!). All these because we know very well that your message doesn’t need «reading» but interpreting, complying to a specific target and, of course, reaching out its purpose.

Enough about us!

Come Listen to our voices!


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